The product we most commonly provide and specialise in here at Amethyst Framing are our custom frames. Made for each individual customer, we will endeavour to give you all the advice and assistance you could possibly need when choosing your material, style, and colour of frame, because with so much variety, choosing a picture frame is not always easy.

Many of our customers prefer to start off browsing our display board, always fully stocked with the latest lines and newest frames. Phill or Carole are always happy to suggest different ideas and colour schemes depending on the item being framed.

Certain pictures will always benefit from a mount board. A mount board can change the whole perspective of a picture frame, and make it appear a lot deeper. They are supplied in the same range of colours as the frames themselves consequently the amount of colour combinations is endless.


You also have a choice of glass for your picture. Depending simply on which type is preferred, the customer has a choice of matt, glossy, non-reflective, or conservation glass, options you simply don't get from your high street retailer. And once again, Phill and Carole are on-hand to advise you on which is best for your picture and give you that personal service. If you require any further information on this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.